Make a Unity 2D Physics Game - For Beginners!


Unity is very powerful game development software but also can be very overwhelming! I know, because I tried using it probably a dozen times,


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textmedia To Get Started Fast... Not Viewed

textmedia Lecture 2: The Original (Short!) Video Not Viewed

video Lecture 3: Installing the Graphics (Sprites) Not Viewed
To recreate the scene in the original video (and then go far beyond that),...More

video Lecture 4: Objects on the Screen Controlled by Physics Not Viewed
While Unity can be overwhelming. in this video you’ll see how easy it is...More

video Lecture 5: Bouncy Material and Prefab Game Objects Not Viewed
We’ll add a “bouncy” material to the beachball and discover how to cr...More

video Lecture 6: More Material, Play Time, and Saving the Scene Not Viewed
Finally, we’ll create an icy material and play around with what we have,...More

video Lecture 7: Troubleshooting - Vanishing Assets! Not Viewed
Right after I finished that last video I reloaded the saved scene and notic...More

video Lecture 8: Sorting Layers - The Real Answer to Vanishing Assets Not Viewed
While you can set the Z-order to a negative number to bring hidden graphics...More

tmtQuiz Quiz 1: Physics Components Not Viewed

textmedia Lecture 9: What About Coding and Scripts? Not Viewed
Writing some code is going to be necessary to create a complete game using...More

video Lecture 10: Javascript or C#? Why It Doesn't Matter Not Viewed
Don't worry about which language you're drawn toward, Javascript or C# -- U...More

video Lecture 11: Your First Script: Picking Up A Coin (Part 1 of 2) Not Viewed
Dip your toes into the world of scripting for Unity. Scripting is:


video Lecture 12: Your First Script: Picking Up A Coin (Part 2 of 2) Not Viewed
There are no available downloads for this lecture.

tmtQuiz Quiz 2: Simple Scripting Not Viewed

textmedia Lecture 13: Where To Go From Here Not Viewed
There are no available downloads for this lecture.

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